What we do..

We work with Adviser Practices to improve the quantity and quality of referrals they receive from external parties; particularly Accountants.

The improvement in referrals will generate greater new business revenue and support the growth of the Practice.

The two key strategies;

Developing existing external relationships

1) Closely examine existing external relationships and develop action plans to improve the productivity of the relationship and/or decide not to pursue the relationship

Action plans usually include;

Establishing new external relationships

2) Train the Advisers in establishing new external relationships

Action plans usually include;

Our Services

Premium Consulting – Minimum 12 month Program

Engaged by professionals to gain hands on techniques, processes and systems designed to significantly enhance the level and quality of referrals to and from external parties. The scope of the work typically covers enhancing Client conversations for Client facing staff within the Firm to ensure the broader financial needs of Clients are addressed.

We also train, coach and mentor our Clients referral partners to ensure referrals come back to our Clients. We conduct a series of workshops with our Clients referral partners to ensure they are identifying their Clients broader financial needs to be addressed by our Client. These workshops cover; value and positioning of referring, how to identify broader financial needs of Clients and the referral process.

Our Clients referral partners are visited each month during the training and are developed through the 12 month program.

Phase 1
Foundation; Month 1-2

The Broader Financial Needs of your Clients; training to be delivered to you

Phase 2
Introduction; Month 3-4

Review of Referral Partners to be trained by David Phelan

Phase 3
Engagement; Month 5-6

David Phelan working with you and your referral partners

Phase 4
Involvement; Month 7-8

Actively Referring

Phase 5
Momentum; Month 9-10

Addressing Broader Financial Needs

Phase 6
Review; Month 11-12

Review of Income Generation


We also run standalone day and half day workshops. All workshops are delivered by a qualified facilitator holding a Certificate Four in training and who has worked in the Financial Services industry for 40 plus years.

Standalone workshop topics:

All workshops include;

  • Pre-course activity to ensure the correct mindset
  • Workbooks
  • Step by Step process to ensure referrals are generated
  • Meeting Agenda for practical use with your Referral Partners and Client meetings
  • Action Plans
  • Follow up from the Facilitator


Various live and interactive plus pre-recorded webinars on training, education and motivation on developing referral marketing skills - particularly beneficial for outlying regional professionals.


We have a range of e-media to allow you to access information in a format that best suits your needs, be it in video, audio recording and/or E-Books. Some topics are:

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Effective Referral Management Connect

Some professionals prefer to just utilise our web based referral tracking system for the ease of managing their referral partner relationships. You can keep track of how your Clients are being serviced by your referral partner and vice versa. THE essential referral management tool!

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